Any Commercial Real Estate Owner who pays over $30,000 each year in Real or Personal Property Tax

Any Commercial Real Estate Owner who pays over $30,000 each year in Real or Personal Property Tax is deserving of a free inspection to ascertain potential property tax reduction opportunities.  Industries who are more likely to have success are: Automobile Dealerships, Hotels, Retirement Homes, Manufacturing, Retail Plazas, Restaurants and Office Complexes.
Who Qualifies for the Real Estate Tax Loss Program?  
The immediate advantage is the decrease of business property taxes owed and the potential of property tax refunds on prior taxes paid.  The future benefits would likewise be a reduced tax burden going forward, producing a greater cash flow for the business.

The potential immediate advantage for small business owners of a home tax mitigation initiative would be a property tax reduction in taxes owed and the possibility of refunds on previous earnings paid.  The future benefits would likewise be a decreased tax burden going forward, producing an increased cash flow for the company. 
We are networked with an experienced team of professionals in mitigation, valuation, assessments, and law.  Our partnered team associates will work with one of the business owner to recognize any possible opportunity for refunds and/or property tax reductions in your current business property taxation.  Each of the work is going to be on your own behalf until savings are recorded, including partaking in hearings and submitting paperwork.  Our team functions as an extension of your company toward the governing real estate tax bodies. 

Property Tax Reduction Through Mitigation

The single biggest recurring charge for company commercial property and small business owners, outside of income taxes, are real estate taxes.   These charges are often a substantial expense and a continuous drag on profitability.  To make certain you're not being overcharged on your property taxes, an industry expert with extensive market expertise in valuation, tax, and law ought to be retained.   
Upon successful completion the fee is 50 percent of the first year savings just.  

A contingency engagement with our support partners will get the ball rolling.  You will have to provide your latest property tax assessment in addition to an authorization for us to function for your benefit.  Our staff will then go to work for you!  When a savings/refund is secured for you, fees will just be a percentage of what you receive as a consequence of the work.   There is absolutely not any charge for you the owner if there's not a favorable outcome.   
Business Property Tax Reduction providers of GMG are no cost unless there is a successful result in the reduction of the yearly property tax evaluation.