Cost Segregation 101

I don't have any idea.  I hear it and today I'm blogging at rebuttal.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Mr. Client admits he may finally have an chance to gain from a research (possibly he read this blog article).

The solution is straightforward; it isn't their field of expertise.  Even though some construction owners and CPAs have considerable expertise with Cost Segregation, many don't.  There's a dearth of authentic educators in this subject, which unfortunately contributes to much misinformation.  These variables have caused hundreds of tens of thousands of building owners to overlook this effective tax savings plan.

"A citizen may run a cost segregation analysis on used land and recompute its own depreciation deductions for previous years".   
"You can just conduct Price Segregation on a brand new construction or new renovation."  

Price Segregation on Elderly Buildings?  
 Working several numbers in my mind (ok, in my calculator), the amount is probably well over 10,000.  Out of those calls there's one special thing that continues to rear its nasty, uninformed mind and that I will no longer remain quiet.  I have to respond... with energy!

If you have a building and haven't had a Cost Segregation analysis performed, you haven't missed the ship.   Now that you're aware, let us see just how much you qualify for!    Contact Us now to learn more.
The "thing" in question comes from the Kind of the next quote, which I have heard too often to rely:

This is an illustration:

"However, you may only conduct Price Segregation on a brand new construction or new renovation".  
Not only "can" a taxpayer do so but over 75% of those jobs are older possessions.  
Doesn't every building owner and CPA understand this?  
To begin with, I'll state that an unequivocal "Yes", it's helpful to have a Cost Segregation analysis done once you purchase/construct/renovate a new construction.  In reality, anyone building or renovating a commercial property ought to have a research completed.  However, the real ability of Cost Segregation is exhibited on buildings which aren't brand new!
All isn't lost!  
To formally rebut this announcement, I'll go right to the source.  

Mr. Client hires a specialist (GMG for instance), who explains 20 percent ($700,000) of parts that should have been allocated to 5-year life rather than 39 decades.